Vol State boasts 2 records broken as Angels showrunners the way

By Larry CarrollThere are plenty of ultra-marathons that could be called... read more

Badwater 2019 breaks records, makes romance

by Larry CarrollThe Badwater is pretty much the antithesis of boring... read more

Tollefson and Krupicka lead American athletes hoping to dominate Lavaredo

by Larry CarrollRunning through the streets of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy... read more

With Western States, Courtney Dauwalter closes out a stunning year

by Larry CarrollAs the summer officially descends upon us, the ultra-running... read more

Trail-Running Weekend recap June 7, 8, 9

The Trail World Championships and the San Diego 100 both had races... read more

2019 Hardrock

2019 Hardrock threatened by snow, avalanche conditions

By Larry CarrollOne might think that scheduling an ultra-marathon in Colorado in... read more

Lessons to Learn When You Don’t Finish the Race

by Larry CarrollTo an outsider, headlines coming from the recent Barkley Marathon... read more

Every Ultra-Runner’s Secret Weapon: Socks?

By Larry CarrollLet’s face the facts: Running shoes are sexy. Shorts... read more


Hallucinations: Humorous or Harmful?

by Larry CarrollThey sound like something out of a... read more

running shoes

How to choose your next pair of running shoes

by Larry CarrollFor ultra-runners, selecting a pair of shoes is like... read more

Is it a good idea to ultra-marathon on a Keto diet?

by Larry CarrollIf there’s one thing that has been around as long... read more

get your dog fit

How to get your dog fit for long distance running

by Larry CarrollUltra-runners can be divided into two categories: Those who prefer... read more

Badwater Salton Sea shifting focus back to 3-person teams for 2019

by Larry CarrollAppropriately enough for a race that stands out with its... read more

Lake Sonoma 50 features women’s field ready to topple a record pace

by Larry CarrollAs David Bowie once famously sang: “Changes are taking the... read more

Energy Gels

Energy Gels and Goo — What’s Really in the Pouch?

By Larry CarrollIn 2018, the athletic footwear business was a $16... read more

Pop Tarts and Donuts — why do ultra-runners love them?

by Larry CarrollWhen it comes to nutrition, certain things seem inarguable.... read more

Barkley Marathon returns again, but can anyone complete it?

Barkley Marathon: by Larry CarrollIf you complete 60 miles, your fellow... read more

Nine Trails run boasts tough trails, top talent and tattoos

By Larry CarrollOne of the most in-demand races of this spring... read more

paul chappel

ITRA QUARTZ Elite program engages 71 top athletes in anti-doping program

By Larry CarrollThe International Trail-Running Association has released its list of... read more

Transgender athlete Bo Aucoin speaks out on WSER policy changes

By Larry CarrollThe world’s oldest 100-mile trail race is touting a... read more

Proteins at the Source – How Much Does an Ultra-Runner Need?

By Larry CarrollEver since the first caveman hit a saber tooth... read more

Old West Trails 50K

Old West Trails 50K Promises Campfires, Camaraderie — and Cowboy Hats

by Larry CarrollYou can easily recognize cowboys, because they wear ten-gallon... read more


by Larry CarrollWhen it comes to sex, every athlete (or movie... read more


Celebrating 30 Years of Mud-Soaked Runs is Way Too Cool

By Larry CarrollThe name of the city is Cool. The participants... read more

Ultra-Running: A Brief History of a 15,000-Year-Old Sport

 To the uninitiated, ultra-running may seem like a new concept —... read more


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