World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina promise sights, sounds and sweat

By Larry CarrollThe eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina is home... read more

Plant-based diets, athletes and what we can learn from them

By Larry CarrollWhen you’re an elite athlete, the only thing that... read more

Javelina Jundred: R-rated fun, serious run

By Larry CarrollWith each passing year, it seems there are more... read more

2019 Big Dog Backyard

2019 Big Dog Backyard preview: ‘This is a race to the death’

By Larry CarrollTypically, when you discuss a sporting event, you marvel... read more

World Championships

Preview: Camille Herron, Courtney Dauwalter lead the pack for 24 Hour World Championships

By Larry CarrollIt’s no secret that ultra-running has been growing in... read more

Blood Testing

Blood Testing: Is it the path to peak performance?

By Larry CarrollFor the most part, runners have become accustomed to... read more

Running Metrics: Are they right for trail runners?

by Larry CarrollIn some ways, running feels like the most primal... read more

trail running bones

Loading with calcium – does it help your trail running bones?

We’ve been on the receiving end of the same message since... read more

Running on the treadmill vs. running outside: Which is more effective?

In theory, it makes perfect sense: Treadmills are made to mimic... read more

Quinoa vs. Brown Rice: Which is better for carb recovery?

Much like ultra-marathoning itself, in life everybody has their own races... read more

4 freaking Leadville 100 minutes

The Leadville Trail 100 Run (aka The Race Across The Sky... read more

Marco Olmo

In a sport where the accolade, legend, is not easily bestowed,... read more

Jungle Ultra Peru

Memories are all we got when we get old, make sure... read more

Tim Tollefson

LA Sportiva Lavaredo has 5,800 meters(19,000 feet) of elevation gain over... read more

The Amazing woman of ultra running

‘The most beautiful people we have known are those who have... read more

Peruvian Jungle Adventure

Peruvian Amazonia is the area of the Amazon rainforest included within the... read more

Vol State boasts 2 records broken as Angels showrunners the way

By Larry CarrollThere are plenty of ultra-marathons that could be called... read more

Badwater 2019 breaks records, makes romance

by Larry CarrollThe Badwater is pretty much the antithesis of boring... read more

Tollefson and Krupicka lead American athletes hoping to dominate Lavaredo

by Larry CarrollRunning through the streets of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy... read more

With Western States, Courtney Dauwalter closes out a stunning year

by Larry CarrollAs the summer officially descends upon us, the ultra-running... read more

Trail-Running Weekend recap June 7, 8, 9

The Trail World Championships and the San Diego 100 both had races... read more

2019 Hardrock

2019 Hardrock threatened by snow, avalanche conditions

By Larry CarrollOne might think that scheduling an ultra-marathon in Colorado in... read more

Lessons to Learn When You Don’t Finish the Race

by Larry CarrollTo an outsider, headlines coming from the recent Barkley Marathon... read more

Every Ultra-Runner’s Secret Weapon: Socks?

By Larry CarrollLet’s face the facts: Running shoes are sexy. Shorts... read more


Hallucinations: Humorous or Harmful?

by Larry CarrollThey sound like something out of a... read more


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