Anna Frost

Anna Frost

Another episode of IRUN4Ultra’s Podcast what a powerhouse of a guest did we have! Anna Frost, or Frosty as many know her as, is a passionate runner with many interests… and since 2004 she has managed to combine two of those passions….running and travelling….and turned them into a very successful career. Anna has set many records and gotten many wins under her belt. To name a few she won and set records at  TNF 50mile Championship, Table Mountain Challenge in south africa, Everest Marathon, TransVulcania – La Palma, Bear100, Nolans 14, Snowman Trek to name just a few. She has also won many prestigious races like the Coastal Challenge – Costa Rica, Hardrock100, Leadville 1/2 Marathon, Speed Goat 50km, and Transrockies….the list is long! In addition, Anna prides herself on being more than just a runner, but a woman of many passions and she spoke to IRUN4Ultra about them.

When asked ‘who is Frosty?’ she said “Well I am Just me.” In her humble answer she also acknowledged the importance of her support system in her successful career “I have had an amazing and long career and it hasn’t been just me, myself and I. Its definitely been a huge team effort from sponsors, friends, fellow runners, family, people that are there and people that are far. I have been really, really lucky that there have been open doors and I have had the guts and the encouragement to take the opportunity to grasp the opportunity.” Words she used to describe herself were determined, driven, free-willed and excited for new challenges.

She believes that she was born a competitive person, however the importance of passion in her life is a common thread. Whatever she does, she does with gusto, she doesn’t know another way. 
An expecting mother, she is also super excited about a new bundle of joy she is expecting, her first baby. She is taking the time to enjoy the ability of the body and mind to adapt for a baby to come. She understands that it effects her running for now, however she is looking forward to getting back to competitive running. She also talked about having future play dates with Killian and Emelie’s baby “Emilie and I have already planned to have baby outings and then for Emilie and I to be able to leave the babies at home with the guys and us going on our adventures”.
She believes that her childhood spent traveling, camping, fishing, field hockey etc shaped who she is today. when asked about physical challenges, Frosty names injury as one of the biggest  hurdles. She emphasizes the importance of being in tune with your body. “You have to listen to your own body” She said, and to get to a place you know your body, you have to spend a lot of time learning and pushing your boundaries.
When asked about issues important to her Frosty talked about the importance of being mindful of one’s footprint…She doesn’t eat much meat and the meat she eats is from sustainable sources, she promotes new running apparel and gear made from sustainable materials, participates in races that care for the terrain and environment they are held in and more.
Frosty talked to us about a lot more. Listen to the full podcast Here.

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