Caroline Chaverot Triumphs this Weekend as the IAU Trail World Champion

This year’s IAU Trail World Champions contained the excitement that many ultra-marathoners dreams of competing in. Dealing with the never before raced course in Peneda-Gerês National Park of northern Portugal, combined with the terrain and mixture of humid weather set the pace for what was perhaps the closest women’s podium race the running community has seen. 

Caroline Chaverot

Photo Cred: Prozis

In an interview with Bryon Powell, Caroline Chaverot says she could not have imagined her win as World Champion.  Chaverot says, “Everyone told me I was prepared for it, but I knew it would be very tough. I knew there would be good athletes, and my season has been long. I didn’t feel that good the week before. When I was running, I was feeling good. I’m doing some heart check, and they were not so good. So I was not very, very optimistic, but I’d do my best.”

In a more intimate share on Facebook called “The Icing on the Cake” Chaverot says, “Despite my good season, I feel a deep will to race well, for me, but also for my adopting country, France, because a Team-title is on the balance.”

Chaverot goes on to come to recount her competitive grit with Spain’s Azara García, “..A little bit later, I hear a woman’s voice just behind me. Gosh!!! It’s Azara!! She seems to suffer a lot but she’s faster than me! I walk much faster, but the result is that I loose my breath again! I feel really bad and this climb seems to have no end. Each time I guess we reach the summit, I discover another summit behind! It’s a nightmare!

On the finish line, I am too exhausted to be able to realize what is happening. Then, the real happiness comes: I am World Champion!

Caroline Chaverot (France) — 9:39:40
Azara García (Spain) — 9:45:01
Ragna Debats (Netherlands) — 9:47:38
Nathalie Mauclair (France) — 10:13:37
Gemma Arenas (Spain) — 10:21:11
Kathrin Götz (Switzerland) — 10:30:41
Jo Meek (Great Britain) — 10:36:12
Beth Pascall (Great Britain) — 10:41:35
Michaela Mertová (Czech Republic) – 10:42:59
Teresa Nemes (Spain) – 10:44:07Caroline Chaverot
Sourire, c’est oublier la grimaceIAU Trail World

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