The Land of Chimneys: Cappadocia


YEAR: 2018     LENGTH: 5:55     LOCATIONS: Turkey     LANGUAGES: English

In the early dawn light of the Turkish city of Urgup, over two thousand runners took off for this year’s races on the Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®. This The Land of Chimneys: Cappadocia short documentary captures the ecstasy of this year’s events, and the vast and pastoral arena that makes this legendary series so special.

The Land of Chimneys: Cappadocia ultra circuit is a 119 KM race with a 3730 meter ascent through the expansive Anatolian deserts of Cappadocia. The Medium and Short Trail events are 63 KM and 38 KM, respectively. The region hosts an expansive UNESCO World Heritage site containing endless peaks and valleys, volcanic rock formations known as fairy chimneys, historical rock-hewn architecture, and hidden ancient caves. Andrea Macchi(Italy) won in 11:12, with Marcus Scotney(U.K.) won second in 11.31 and Harry Jones won third in 12:18. Mariya Nikolova(Bulgaria) won the women’s race in 13:14.

Now in their fifth year, the Cappadocia events play host to visiting runners from over 70 countries. Participants have 24 hours to complete the circuit, and the race has 10 checkpoints which provide food and water. The races are organized impeccably, with detailed planning, great food and accommodations, and LiveTrail, the latest in race timekeeping.

The Land of Chimneys: Cappadocia documentary is the latest production of IRun4Ultra, an ultra running publication and global leader in running-related media helmed by Linda Sanders.