Day 5: The Last Day! Marathon Des Sables


I Run 4 Ultra take SECOND PLACE in the team competition for Marathon des Sables 2016!
Our team of runners: Carlos Sa, Jason Schlarb, Ricardo Hernandez, Marco Olmo, and Harvey Lewis have taken second place in the 31st edition of the Marathon des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth.
It is the most fantastic result and we could not be more proud of our runners. They have braved over 250km across the Sahara desert in 5 stages, carrying all their own equipment and food for the race with water rations in place and always under the burning sun. They have battled sand dunes, salt flats, high hills, claustrophobic river valleys and rocky gorges to win their place on the podium just behind TGCC, the winning Moroccan team.
An amazing team result built on their individual successes!
The final results for the individuals in the team in the overall classification were as follows:
8th   Carlos Sa  23h 59
12th Jason Schlarb  24h 58
23rd Ricardo Hernandez  27h 48
30th Marco Olmo 29h 32
92nd Harvey Lewis  34h 47
Our team were running to raise awareness of ADHD which affects one in ten children in America. They were all proud to take on this challenge for us and had this to say to us before the race.

Marathon Des Sables race

Photography by Dino Bonelli from Run the World

Ricardo Hernandez, “For me, it is a pleasure and honor to be able to represent an organization like Hope So Bright, that prides itself and dedicates to raising awareness to help children with ADHD in this day and age.
Many children have been affected and diagnosed, from all over the world. I am a father and son. I have experienced firsthand what it is like to deal with something of the unknown. It is difficult for families to deal with these emotional and inhibitory issues when they don’t know where to go or turn for help. Fortunately, as Hope So Bright is dedicated to helping children and young adults it speaks in loud volumes to the public in raising awareness for ADHD.”
Harvey Lewis, “As a teacher and athlete I’m honored to join the Hope So Bright Campaign for children. As a child, I had a learning disability and the investments and dedication made by my teachers, parents, and community paved the way for the opportunities I enjoy today. I’m concerned about our nation’s standard approach to ADHD and treatment that generally focuses solely on medicating children. From my observations of children in various countries and personal experience with ADHD I believe greater strides should be made toward holistic approaches to overcoming ADHD including nutrition, exercise and learning styles. I’m interested in bringing greater awareness and hope to inspire folks through our shared journey along Marathon De Sables. I’m excited about the Odyssey ahead.”
Marco Olmo, “” There’s one week per year in which there is no room for small-mindedness, deception, cowardice, or deceit, and it is the week of the Marathon des Sables. I am honored to be part of the team representing the organization, Hope So Bright for Marathon des Sables.”
Carlos Sa, “This is an opportunity to be doing what I like best, running with friends, and to be, at the same time, contributing positively to another noble cause of this organization.  In this case, we are helping to combat ADHD and drawing attention to the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating.  I don’t doubt that I should do everything possible to fully integrate myself in this challenge”
Jason Schlarb, “I am proud to represent Hope So Bright at the Marathon Des Sables race.  Helping children is certainly one of the most important things anyone can do in life and I am honored, inspired and humbled to represent Hope So Bright and their amazing cause.
Our great team’s efforts go a long way to continuing to raise awareness of ADHD, its diagnosis and treatments and we would like to thank them most sincerely for undertaking this challenge for Hope So Bright.
Tomorrow is the charity stage and then they will be arriving back at the hotels ready to relax before they start their journeys home.
All our thanks and congratulations again to Team I Run 4 Hope! What a wonderful result and a great endeavor. Bravo, champions!

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