Desert Solstice


YEAR: 2018     LENGTH: 5:55     LOCATIONS: Phoenix, AZ     LANGUAGES: English

Camille Herron has smashed the records with her performance at Desert Solstice this Saturday. Herron broke the Women’s World Record for 24 Hours with a distance of 162.9 miles, the event’s best performance. Herron also claimed the 100 mile American Track Record for Women, with a time of 13:25:00. Herron exhibited blazing speed day and night, and this performance marks an important addition to her already extraordinary trove of awards and achievements.

Desert Solstice was a cache of stellar performance on the whole. Distances beyond the 150 mile milestone, already astonishing, are incredibly rare; there were merely a couple in all the preceding months of this year. Yet, five runners from the Solstice roster surpassed that tormenting marker, going 150 miles or more. These are stunning results from a stacked field. Such achievements speak to how important records-based events such as Solstice can be.

Other notable performances include Oswaldo Lopez, who has established a new 24 Hour Men’s Record for Mexico with a distance of 139.6 miles, and Andrew Snopes, who ran 144 miles barefoot. Greg Armstrong, coming in third, also completed his 155 mile run in Teva sandals!

Some notable participants had to call it early for injury and fatigue, such as Courtney Dauwalter and Zach Bitter. Such impediments are endemic to such long distances, and comprise the central struggle of such events. We are excited for these athletes’ performances to come, in the 2019 season. Cheers to all participants!

Camille Herron
Women’s American Open 200 KM Track Record, 17:07:27
Women’s American Open 100 Mile Record, 13:25:00
Women’s World Open 24 Hour Record, 162.9 miles

Oswaldo Lopez
Men’s Mexican Open 24 Hour Record, 139.6 miles

Andrew Snope
World Open Barefoot 24 Hour Record, 144.4 miles

Connie Gardner
Women’s 55-59 American 100 KM Track Record, 9:57:09
Women’s 55-59 American 50 Mile Track Record, 7:48:04
Women’s 55-59 American 50KM, 4:37:43

Suzi Swinehart
Women’s American 45-49 50 Mile Track Record, 7:21:28

Thomas Reiss
Men’s 50-54 American 50KM Track Record, 3:39:26