Hayden Hawks

Hayden Hawks

Hayden Hawks ultra-running career has taken off – fast! Ever since entering the professional scene he has won the Speed Gold 50k Championship, the Capstone 50k Championship, and holds the fastest known time (FTK) for the Zion Traverse, one of  the most difficult foot races with more than 6,400 feet of climbing.

For Hayden, the Zion Traverse was more than just a race, it was an ode to his roots. Having been born and raised in St. George, Utah he was no stranger to the rocky red terrain or the hard work needed to complete such a demanding race.

As child, his father encouraged him daily to push himself and in high school after getting cut from the baseball team, his best friend’s encouragement to not give up and join cross country changed the trajectory of his life. From there the rest was history. Hayden was offered collegiate scholarships to run cross country and started competing in large scale races.

He claims that his talent does indeed account for a large portion of the success he’s accumulated as a runner, however as we find out on today’s podcast Hayden doesn’t rely solely on his natural gifts. “Someone can have talent, but without the hard work, it won’t show. Then you’ll never know how much talent you really have.”

Join us as we sit down with Hayden Hawks to chat about running, family, success, and the decades of hard work that makes him the ultra-runner he his today. Enjoy! Listen to the full interview on the IRUN4Ultra’s podcast Here

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