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Anthony Kunkel for iRun4Ultra/Covid-19 series

Island Workouts You’re going to a desert island and you get to bring two things? What would make your list? What would be your third, fourth, or fifth? This survival exercise might apply to your physical exercise right now. Periodization, which I’d define as structuring the training cycle (including nutrition and lifestyle factors when controllable) […]

Finding the Proper Balance Between Running, Calories and Adaptability

On its surface, the thinking makes total sense. Cutting calories helps you lose weight; exercise helps you lose weight; one of the best ways to exercise is running. So, if you’re cutting calories and exercising by running, you should be at least twice as effective, right? Wrong. In this battle, your enemy is one that […]

Ultra-Running in the age of coronavirus: What to do now?

Right now, everyone has a lot on their minds, and there are few who would argue that any public event is more important than the recommendations we shelter at home, keep a 6-foot distance from others, and take seriously all hygienic precautions in an attempt to flatten the coronavirus curve. But for professional athletes like […]

2020 Barkley — Will Anyone Ever Finish The Race Again?

In the world of ultra-marathoning, no race is more fabled, feared or filthy as the Barkley. Inspired by the frantic escape of a notorious murderer, limited to a select group of participants and defiantly averse to support or celebration, Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell’s annual event is unlike anything else. No one has successfully finished the […]

Tie-Dyed Lake Sonoma 50 promises sweat, smiles

The beloved Lake Sonoma 50 is once again getting ready for the sport’s spotlight, and the official race site has selected one ominous word to define itself: relentless. In and of itself, a relentless race is an intimidating concept. But what truly defines the allure of Lake Sonoma over comparable races is the other word […]

Following Arizona tune-up, Jim Walmsley targets historic Olympics trials

When it comes to sports, sometimes stepping outside your lane can be seen as a major affront. Which is strange, because as anyone from a world-class athlete to your run-of-the-mill gym rat will tell you: The best exercise is the one your body doesn’t expect, something that pushes you outside your routine and forces the […]

HURT 100 pushes aside scary conditions, crowns winners Fuchs and Albrecht

As the 2020 HURT 100 approached, things felt … ominous. The annual Honolulu event is typically set in paradise, but this year’s recent weather in paradise has been less than ideal. On January 12, organizers for the race posted a warning: “Recent high winds and heavy rains may result in poor trail conditions. While we […]

Marisa Lizak breaks out at Desert Solstice, with Camille Herron as coach

Reports out of Arizona have Marisa Lizak breaking records at Desert Solstice, the annual elite-level ultrarunning track event in Phoenix. The news is particularly noteworthy because she is coached by Camille Herron – a Solstice juggernaut herself just last year. “If you are not familiar with the name, Marisa Lizak, you will soon,” reports the […]

Pristine Patagonia: Ready for its Racing Close-Up

When an event bills itself as “the running experience of a lifetime,” you might be inclined to think it’s just hype. But when we’re talking about Patagonia – the sparsely-populated South American region shared by Chile and Argentina and boasting views of the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Oceans – it’s anything but hyperbole. In recent […]

Rocky Raccoon 50: Athletes Prepare to Run Their Own Race

There’s a good reason why the image selected for the registration page of the Hoka One One Rocky Raccoon 50 Endurance Trail Run is a smiling athlete wearing a tutu. Rocky Raccoon has been growing exponentially over the last few years, driven by a culture that embraces the “no pressure” mindset, and runners are responding […]

Fourmidable 50K ready for another wet, wild race

It is time once again for the Fourmidable 50K, for mud-splashed legs, hunched-over uphill climbs, hugs of camaraderie and muscles stretched to their very limits.  Known far and wide as one of the most challenging 50K races out there, Fourmidable gets its name from the four most substantial climbs along its course. Fresh out of […]

Western States 100 Lottery

Its history dates all the way back to the Native Americans; the first runner to successfully conquer it did so in 1974. By 1977, the Western States Endurance Run was official – and the first installment featured 14 men who were monitored at “veterinary stops” intended for horses. These days, the Endurance Run follows the […]

JFK 50 Mile honors its legacy as ‘America’s Oldest Ultra-Marathon’

Billed as “America’s Oldest Ultra-Marathon,” the JFK 50 stands out from the pack. Inspired by one of the most beloved American Presidents, it dates all the way back to the spring of 1963 – long before ultra-marathoning broke through among mainstream sports. It is a “military race,” meaning that it was designed to challenge officers to […]

The North Face 50 San Francisco makes its comeback

When an ultra-marathoner is considering his or her next race, there are certain criteria they typically take into consideration. Questions like: How challenging will it be, and does that level of challenge align with my training trajectory? Is the race regarded well enough that it would benefit my racing resume? But if you’re among those […]

World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina promise sights, sounds and sweat

The eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina is home to 44 million people. Since 2003, it has also been home to the K42 Adventure Marathon – and in 2019 will play host to the World Mountain Running Championships.  If you want to get an idea of how seriously the residents of Patagonia take the Salomon […]

Plant-based diets, athletes and what we can learn from them

When you’re an elite athlete, the only thing that approaches your workout in terms of importance is what you put into your body. Like any human being, food nourishes, sustains and on some occasions delights you. But more so than most people, you depend on food to build muscle, stave off injury and allow you […]

Javelina Jundred: R-rated fun, serious run

With each passing year, it seems there are more must-watch races for the ultra-marathoning community. Not many, however, have to remind participants on their racing page that “frontal nudity/exposure is NOT permitted” while including a cheeky (quite literally) asterisk and the following amendment: “We have the best ass award…so expect some bare butts. You’ve been […]

2019 Big Dog Backyard preview: ‘This is a race to the death’

Typically, when you discuss a sporting event, you marvel over the feats of the athletes. Somehow, they might manage to accomplish the impossible, do something no one has ever done, create a physical expression on par with a masterful painting, poem or novel. In their own way, through endurance, imagination, and talent, they craft a […]

Preview: Camille Herron, Courtney Dauwalter lead the pack for 24 Hour World Championships

It’s no secret that ultra-running has been growing in popularity for some time now, so in some ways, it seems only natural that interest in the sport would splinter off into other subsections under the ultra-running umbrella. Of course, races like the Iditarod and the Big Backyard Ultra proudly take the concept of a long-distance […]

Blood Testing: Is it the path to peak performance?

For the most part, runners have become accustomed to certain measuring tools for assessing their training and overall health. Some rely on the latest technology (heart-rate trackers, post-run stats), others on old-fashioned observations (pulse, dehydration), but in this sport, everyone is always looking for that next great advantage. Which is where direct-to-consumer blood testing comes […]

Running Metrics: Are they right for trail runners?

In some ways, running feels like the most primal of instincts. Watch any child and you’ll see the evidence: Just moments after we learn to walk, we’ll try to run. In no time, a child learns that moving your legs faster will get you where you want to go faster – and immediately begins testing […]

Loading with calcium – does it help your trail running bones?

We’ve been on the receiving end of the same message since we were little children, sitting in front of the TV during Saturday morning cartoons being promised that a glass of white liquid does a body good. Calcium, we were told, helps your bones.

Running on the treadmill vs. running outside: Which is more effective?

In theory, it makes perfect sense: Treadmills are made to mimic the open road, your feet don’t have eyeballs, so running on one should be just as good as sprinting along with the real thing. In practice, however, it isn’t always so clear cut.

Quinoa vs. Brown Rice: Which is better for carb recovery?

Much like ultra-marathoning itself, in life everybody has their own races to run. For some, a healthier overall lifestyle filled with important vitamins and nutrients is the goal. For others, quick recovery is the key target. Such self-exploration is at the core of one controversial word tossed around in dietary circles all the time: carbs.

4 freaking Leadville 100 minutes

The Leadville Trail 100 Run (aka The Race Across The Sky or the LT100) is an ultramarathon held annually on trails and dirt roads near Leadville, Colorado.  Magdalena Boulet Cat BradleySamantha Wood   Ryan SmithChad TrammellDevon Olso

Marco Olmo

In a sport where the accolade, legend, is not easily bestowed, there is one man who everyone can agree deserves it – Marco Olmo. Marco Olmo is an Italian ultra-runner who came to fame on the ultrarunning scene when he won the most prestigious race of them all, the Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) in 2006 […]

Jungle Ultra Peru

Memories are all we got when we get old, make sure you collected epic memories on your adventures.

Tim Tollefson

LA Sportiva Lavaredo has 5,800 meters(19,000 feet) of elevation gain over 120 kilometers (75 miles) of distance.Winners Males:Tim Tollefson (USA)Jia-Sheng Shen (China)Sam McCutcheon (New Zealand) Females:Kathrin Götz (Switzerland)Audrey Tanguy (France) Francesca Pretto (Italy)

Vol State boasts 2 records broken as Angels showrunners the way

By Larry Carroll There are plenty of ultra-marathons that could be called a “race,” and with that designation give the uninitiated an idea to wrap their heads around something they’ll most likely never experience. Then there are the ultra-marathons that take it one step further – Badwater, Barkley – adding in unique elements and obstacles […]

Badwater 2019 breaks records, makes romance

The Badwater is pretty much the antithesis of boring – dubbed “The World’s Toughest Footrace,” it is 135 miles of pain via punishing heat and relentless elevation – but the 2019 installment, in particular, proved to be one worth remembering. Just over 21 hours after the race began, the event had a new male record […]

Tollefson and Krupicka lead American athletes hoping to dominate Lavaredo

Running through the streets of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy is an experience like none other. Located in the Southern Alps on the Boite river, the charming ski town is lined with walking streets, simple storefronts and a church spiral in the town center. The crowd cheers “Bravo, bravo!” as you jog past, head torch reflecting […]

With Western States, Courtney Dauwalter closes out a stunning year

As the summer officially descends upon us, the ultra-running community is asking itself one question: Which will be hotter in the next few months, the temperature on the trail or Courtney Dauwalter? For those paying attention, the Colorado-based 34-year-old has strung together twelve months of running that are becoming the stuff of legend. It began […]

Trail-Running Weekend recap June 7, 8, 9

The Trail World Championships and the San Diego 100 both had races this weekend, and we’ve got the results for both, as well as a sneak preview of next week’s Lavaredo and Western States 100. Read on for all the latest info! The Trail World Championships The 9th Trail World Championships took place in Portugal […]

2019 Hardrock threatened by snow, avalanche conditions

By Larry Carroll One might think that scheduling an ultra-marathon in Colorado in early July would seem to be a pretty safe bet, weather-wise. Of course, a focal point of the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run (founded in 1992) has always been pushing athletes with extreme altitudes and multiple climate zones that can bring subzero […]

Lessons to Learn When You Don’t Finish the Race

by Larry Carroll To an outsider, headlines coming from the recent Barkley Marathon must have seemed frustrating. For the second straight year, not a single person finished the race? Out of 40 participants, they all went home without crossing the finish line? What’s the point? Experienced ultra-runners, however, undoubtedly read things a bit differently. Naturally, […]

Every Ultra-Runner’s Secret Weapon: Socks?

By Larry Carroll Let’s face the facts: Running shoes are sexy. Shorts get lots of attention, tees display messages that tell everyone a runner is serious, silly, or sweating for a cause. Then there are the accessories: packs to carry, GPS trackers that boast the allure of new tech, and of course nothing makes you […]

Hallucinations: Humorous or Harmful?

by Larry Carroll They sound like something out of a Road Runner cartoon, or a David Lynch film — hallucinations, mirages, mind-trickery that convinces you something is so real you could reach out and touch it. But as humorous as it may be to conjure up thoughts of backward-dancing dwarves and unicorns, for elite runners […]

How to choose your next pair of running shoes

by Larry Carroll For ultra-runners, selecting a pair of shoes is like Han Solo bonding with his spaceship or John Wick picking out a certain weapon of choice. You’re about to head into battle together, the two of you are about to share a special bond — and when showtime hits, you want to make […]

Is it a good idea to ultra-marathon on a Keto diet?

by Larry Carroll If there’s one thing that has been around as long as the concept of running for health, it’s dieting for health. Much like running itself, dieting has witnessed the rise and fall of many fads, vast quantities of products touting the ultimate solution, and many programs that prove difficult to stick with. […]

How to get your dog fit for long distance running

by Larry Carroll Ultra-runners can be divided into two categories: Those who prefer a running partner, and those who prefer silence. Throughout centuries of undying companionship, dogs have earned the term “Man’s Best Friend.” It would make perfect sense, then, that the ideal state of training for many runners is alongside a 4-legged friend. Running […]

Badwater Salton Sea shifting focus back to 3-person teams for 2019

by Larry Carroll Appropriately enough for a race that stands out with its two and three person team style, last year’s Badwater Salton Sea 81-Mile Ultramarathon was marked by its camaraderie and sportsmanship. As teams amiably fist-bumped passing competitors, team Too Legit to Quit proved worthy of their moniker while taking first place. Of course, […]

Lake Sonoma 50 features women’s field ready to topple a record pace

by Larry Carroll As David Bowie once famously sang: “Changes are taking the pace I’m going through.” This year, participants in the Lake Sonoma 50 can be forgiven if that song is stuck in their heads as they set their own pace. An iconic endurance race for more than a decade, the highly competitive Sonoma […]

Energy Gels and Goo — What’s Really in the Pouch?

By Larry Carroll In 2018, the athletic footwear business was a $16 billion industry. In the United States alone, more than 60 million people consider themselves runners, joggers or trail runners — a number that climbs to more than 110 million who walk for fitness. As you can imagine, all these people need something to […]

Pop Tarts and Donuts — why do ultra-runners love them?

by Larry Carroll When it comes to nutrition, certain things seem inarguable. Eat your fruits and veggies, just like your mother used to insist. Avoid foods that are steeped in sugar, processed materials and high fructose corn syrup. But if such beliefs are so etched in stone, why are ultra-runners as likely to see their […]

Barkley Marathon returns again, but can anyone complete it?

Barkley Marathon: by Larry Carroll If you complete 60 miles, your fellow marathoners may congratulate you on your “fun run.” An annual event, it was inspired by the real-life jailbreak of one of history’s most notorious assassins. Dozens of athletes line up to run a race which often has no finishers, beginning not with the […]

Nine Trails run boasts tough trails, top talent and tattoos

By Larry Carroll One of the most in-demand races of this spring is quickly gaining a high profile … because it has such a low profile. It is called the Nine Trails 35 Mile Endurance Run, and although it has been around in some form for nearly thirty years, in most years it tends to […]

ITRA QUARTZ Elite program engages 71 top athletes in anti-doping program

By Larry Carroll The International Trail-Running Association has released its list of athletes engaged in the QUARTZ Elite Program, revealing a growing number of entrants over past installments. Touting the included names as the first time “a discipline gives its elite athletes the chance to contribute actively to a doping-free sport by signing up for […]

Transgender athlete Bo Aucoin speaks out on WSER policy changes

By Larry Carroll The world’s oldest 100-mile trail race is touting a rule change that embraces the inclusion and equal rights beliefs of modern society — and transgender athletes are celebrating. At the beginning of February, the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run issued a Transgender Entrant Policy, with the stated intent “to establish rules to […]

Proteins at the Source – How Much Does an Ultra-Runner Need?

By Larry Carroll Ever since the first caveman hit a saber tooth tiger over its head with a club, mankind has known that when it comes time to fuel ourselves protein is a necessity. As the years have passed, however, our intrinsic hunter-gatherer tendencies have evolved. These days, we’re more likely to gather salads than […]

Old West Trails 50K Promises Campfires, Camaraderie — and Cowboy Hats

by Larry Carroll You can easily recognize cowboys, because they wear ten-gallon hats, riding chaps, spurs and bolo ties. You can easily recognize ultra-marathoners, because they wear running shorts, a numbered bib, and suck down gel packets. But now that it’s time once again for the Old West Trails 50K, don’t be surprised if the […]


by Larry Carroll When it comes to sex, every athlete (or movie fan) remembers the cautionary words of crusty cornerman Mickey in the 1976 classic “Rocky”: “Women weaken legs!” Sure enough, sports pop culture is riddled with tales that reinforce the message that athletes need to refrain from doing the nasty while training for a […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Mud-Soaked Runs is Way Too Cool

By Larry Carroll The name of the city is Cool. The participants are cool. The event is Way Too Cool — even if running this 50K feels like the polar opposite of a laid-back lifestyle. On March 2nd, the 30th annual running of the Way Too Cool 50K Endurance Run will bring back what NorCal […]

Ultra-Running: A Brief History of a 15,000-Year-Old Sport

  To the uninitiated, ultra-running may seem like a new concept — extreme marathoning that is the running world equivalent of the X Games or football’s XFL. In actuality, however, the notion of pushing your body beyond the traditional 26.2 miles is as old as recorded history. References to men pushing themselves for multiple days, […]

Iditarod Trail Invitational Promises Aching Feet, Freezing Temps and Lots of Snow

  Iditarod Trail It has been called the longest, hardest ultra-marathon in the world. Participants must battle frostbite, dehydration, waist-deep snow and the occasional wolf. It is the Iditarod Trail Invitational, and if you’re looking for athletes truly pushing themselves to the extremes of human endurance, you’ll find it in Alaska. On February 24, a […]

Israel National Trail Prepares Itself for Ultra-Running Spotlight

National Geographic has listed it among the 20 most “epic trails” in the world. It was constructed as a Middle East equivalent of the beloved Appalachian Trail. At more than 1100km, it gives runners a unique glimpse of biblical landscapes and the everyday life of the modern Israeli. It is the Israel National Trail, a […]

The Science of Altitude Training

Altitude training: If you’ve heard runners rave about the miraculous benefits of training at high altitudes, you may have been left wondering what all the fuss is about. You’re not alone. Despite near-unanimous agreement on its general benefits, altitude training remains a subject of some controversy in the field of sports science. Why Does Altitude […]

Fast 100 Changes Course, Maintains Epic Showdown for Elite Runners

The eyes of the Ultra-Racing world will be firmly affixed to Hong Kong on Sunday, February 17th as the eagerly anticipated Fast 100 is ready to host a showdown between Jim Walmsley and Rob Krar -- albeit, with a few new wrinkles. The world's best trail runners are known for their ability to deal with [...]

Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra

Photo Credit: Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra   Ever since Lazarus Lake (real name Gary Cantrell) invented the format with the inaugural Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra on his Bell Buckle, Tennessee property in 2012, Backyard Ultras have been cropping up all over the world. Whether they’re officially affiliated, like the international Backyard Ultras offering Big Dog’s Golden Tickets […]

Does Running Ultramarathons Cause Long-Term Foot Damage

Carry the Weight: Does Running Ultramarathons Cause Long-Term Foot Damage? Endurance runners spend a lot of time talking about their feet. Eavesdrop at the starting line of any ultra, and you’re likely to hear the chatter: kindly blister tip exchanges; vigorous debates over shoe style, arch supports, or how and when to use compression socks; […]

Third Annual “Fastest Known Time” of the Year Award Winners Announced

For over a decade, Peter Bakwin, a Physics PHD out of Harvard, has been custodian to a new type of record. The concept, which is now hosted at  fastest known time after a surprisingly successful original life as a proboards.com forum, is simple: to track the fastest historic instance of self-propelled travel through an established […]

The Race is on for Big Dog’s Golden Tickets

Gary Cantrell (or Lazarus Lake, to some) began organizing endurance races in 1979, when he founded Tennessee’s Strolling Jim 40 because he wanted to run and couldn’t find a local ultra. He and his races have become a fixture in the ultra running community since then, and his Barkley Marathons has become known as one […]

21 Take on The Revenant, None Finish

On January 18th, 2019, a field of 21 runners set out on the inaugural running of The Revenant, a New Zealand race in the vein of North America’s Barkley’s Marathons, which bills itself as “an unsupported individual or two person team Ultra Adventure Run.” Navigated perfectly, the course runs 190km over four laps, with 16,000m […]

Making Meditation Part of Your Training Routine

It’s long been widely recognized that regular meditation practice brings a variety of health benefits. Reduced anxiety and depression, increased pain tolerance, improved attention span, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep are just a few of the medically acknowledged benefits to mindfulness.  That’s a list that looks like it could double as a description of […]

Training Tips from Three of Ultra Running’s Greatest Coaches

Whether they’re gearing up for your first marathon, making a third attempt at the Vibram Hong Kong 100k, or testing their legs on a 24-hour, the most important piece of any long-distance runner’s preparation is a thorough, intentional training plan. The right regimen can spur an athlete to P.R.s and victory laps, and a mistimed […]

Weekend Recap Vibram Hong Kong 100k and HURT100

Saturday, January 18th at 8am (local time) saw an unbelievable field of runners compete in the Vibram Hong Kong 100k to kick off the 2019 Ultra-Trail World Tour. Contestants tackled a 5300m of elevation on a 103.6km course spanning dirt and paved trails, stairs, beaches, forests, and mountains. Photo Credit: Vibram Hong Kong Vibram Hong […]

Jasmin Paris Scores Big Win at Spine Race

After 83 hours, 12 minutes, and 23 seconds in the harsh winds and cold of the Pennine trail, Britain’s Jasmin Paris has made MONTANE Spine Race history. Her performance not only makes her the first woman to win the 268-mile race outright, but also shatters Eoin Keith’s previous course record of 95:17 by over 12 […]

Chevron Houston Marathon Preview

With the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon scheduled to begin at 6:50am on Sunday, January 20th, runners, fans, and organizers have already begun streaming into the city. Over 250,000 fans attended the race last year, and with fan favorites like Jim Walmsley and Tommy Puzey taking the course, there’s good reason to […]

The Four Toughest Races in the world

 The Toughest Races in the world When it comes to the sport of Ultra Marathon, there are today more options than ever before. In other words, there is something for everyone with various degrees of difficulty. But when we speak of some Toughest Races AND unique races, we have to mention Montane Spine Race, Tor […]

IRUN4ULTRA’s 2018 Recap

What an amazing year 2018 has been as the race gods have graced us with dramatic outcomes, with stories of tremendous triumphs, impressive personal bests as well as heartbreaking defeats. Lets do a quick refresher of the 2018 and relive some of those moments. Hurt 100 Click Here to Hurt 100 Movie The year kicked […]

Is Sugar A Problem? A Runner’s Diet Guide

Runner’s Diet: To Carb Or Not To Carb? In the general canon of nutrition science, sugars have long ago been pinpointed as an area for caution. Refined sugars, in particular, are treated as a scourge, especially here in health-crazed California, where candy ephemera are treated with a general, miserly suspicion. Let’s clear the air with a […]

Beet Juice: The Endurance Elixir

Is an endurance elixir beyond imagination, does such an aid border too close to fantasy? Perhaps. But while the human system absolutely faces fundamental constraints, certain nutritional aids will boost your performance in an appreciable manner. The limiting factor central to running activity is oxygen availability –– when our muscles cannot receive oxygen at an […]

Desert Solstice 2018 Re-Cap

World class runners, unconstrained Camille Herron has smashed the records with her performance at Desert Solstice this Saturday. Herron broke the Women’s World Record for 24 Hours with a distance of 162.9 miles, the event’s best performance. Herron also claimed the 100 mile American Track Record for Women, with a time of 13:25:00. Herron exhibited […]

This Weekend: Desert Solstice 2018

This Saturday, December 8th, is the Desert Solstice Track Invitational, hosted at Central High School’s 400m all-weather track in Phoenix, AZ. Although trail events may offer more dramatic enticements in terrain and scenery, track based events such as Solstice oblige some world class runners to put on the best performances of their lives.

Javelina Jundred 2018

The Javelina Jundred is a signature ultra in the Arizona desert, a costumed running party…

Big’s Backyard Ultra ’18 ReCap

The ceaseless race has ceased and, after three days and four nights, the results are in; as ever, only one runner remained.

Limone Extreme 2018

In this Limone Extreme 2018, Lake Garda situated east of Milan and west of Venice has long been a destination as holiday resort. Limone sul Garda as the name suggests, sits on the lakes edge on the north west side. Flanked by sheer mountains. The heart of the old town is the little harbour, the […]

Ultra Mirage in Tunisia

UMED – Ultra Mirage© El Djerid Ultra Mirage in the Tunisian Desert, The Tunisian Sahara – mixed terrain that involves oasis, palm groves, sand and of course intense heat. It’s a tough place to walk, never mind run! But over 130 runners toed the line for the 2nd edition of the UMED – Ultra Mirage© […]

Salomon S/Lab: A Shoe Review

A premium shoe which fits the toughest trail adventures, Salomon S/Lab line is the luxury material and geared shoe for competitive runners and professionals. This mean pair of shoes are for treacherous trails and high mileages of running, so Quad Rock runners should definitely go ahead and make this investment! Stats: Stack: Moderate Weight for […]

Salomon Women’s Running Shoes

The salomon womens running shoes , If you love trail races up to 50 km or even 50 miles, you will definitely love this universal trail running shoe! The Women’s Salomon Sense Ride shoe is the new multi trail running shoe model for Salomon that is known to be the most popular and ideal shoe […]

8th Installment of Limone Extreme

The Eighth Installment of Limone Extreme  Events kicked off on Friday evening, with the Limone Vertical Kilometer, a 3KM long, 1100-meter ascent that winds its way through the town center, up into an olive grove, and through a forest. The encroaching dimness and scenic variety of the twilight dash make the event all the more […]

ISF Skyrunning World Championships

Gale force winds, torrential rain, freezing cold and the occasional burst of sunshine tell the story of the 2018 Scotland Skyrunning series of events. For the first time, the ISF skyrunning world championships were held on UK soil combining of the classic VK, SKY and ULTRA distances. On the 4th day, the event center in […]

Trofeo Kima 2018

The pinnacle of the skyrunning calendar, Trofeo Kima, has gained a reputation as one of the most demanding and challenging races in the world. At 52km in length the distance is not intimidating, however, 8,400m of ascent and descent put the race in perspective. You cannot look at Trofeo Kima with the eyes of a […]

Everest Trail Race (ETR) 2017

Four 16-seater minibusses departed Kathmandu for the 8-hour drive to Jiri and camp one of the 2017 Everest Trail Race. The distance is only 200km but the roads are slow, it is a rollercoaster ride of twisting left-to-right, bouncing up and down and all with a constant soundtrack of car horns. There is a lack […]

Everest Trail Race 2017

Set against one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring backdrops on the planet, the Everest Trail Race is one of the world’s toughest high-altitude ultra-marathons. From the noisy and frenetic streets of Kathmandu to the isolation of camping under the stars at the monastery at Kharikhola, Nepal and its people cement itself within the heart of […]

Skyline Scotland

Four years ago, Skyrunning UK was created to bring the ethos of running in the Alps and Pyrenees to UK shores. Of course, as many pointed out, the UK lacked the altitude and high-peaks of our French, Spanish and Italian friends. However, what we lacked in height most certainly could be compensated for with technical […]

Elisabet Barnes-“Transrockies"

Elisabet Barnes, 2017 Marathon des Sables champion decided to get steep and get high at the 2017 edition of the Transrockies – an iconic multi-day race that takes place in the USA. The race is a multi-day point-to-point race that is based upon the European TransAlpine run. Starting in Buena Vista, the race concludes in […]

UTMB 2017

The trail and ultra world descends on Chamonix this August for what may well be, the ultimate edition of the race! We often hear the hyperbole, ‘the best field ever assembled’ but opinion is equal across the world that the 2017 edition of the race is the best – on paper! The unpredictable nature of […]

Tromso SkyRace

Jagged mountain peaks break through the ground as if they want to torture the landscape. Sharp rocks and boulders are interspersed with snow and ice. It’s the Hamperokken mountain range and the most exposed and technical section of the Tromso SkyRace – an extreme category race in the 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner Extreme Series. The […]

Ryan Sandes & 2017 Western States

It’s a long history with the sport of ultra-running that has finally seen South Africa’s Ryan Sandes lift the Cougar – victory at the 2017 Western States. Sandes story is an unusual one, he jumped in at the deep-end racing a multi-day race in the Gobi desert. “An impulsive decision one Sunday afternoon completely changed […]

Fifteen Questions on MDS

Fifteen Questions on MDS Multi-Day racing and in particular, the Marathon des Sables provides a very unique and difficult challenge for those who toe the line in Morocco. It’s easy to get bogged down with too much advice on equipment, training and what is the best plan of action for a 6-day adventure in the […]

Western States 2017

It’s that time of the year when the ultra and trail running aficionados go crazy at the prospect of another Western States 2017 Endurance Run (WSER) – the oldest 100-mile race in the USA and the one with the legendary story of Gordy Ainsleigh and a lame horse. With 18.000ft of climb and 22.000ft of […]

Sondre Amdahl Wins The Jungle

Experienced multi-day runner Sondre Amdahl just recently completed and won The Jungle Ultra located deep within the Amazon Rainforest. Taking place in the Manu National Park, the route goes from the Andes mountains to the Madre de Dios river. It’s hot, humid, uncomfortable and the dense jungle provides no escape as the runners place one […]

Berghaus Dragons Back Race 2017

Taming the Dragon It’s no easy race, ask anyone that has contemplated it, more importantly, ask anyone who has toed the line. It’s a race that has put fear into many a runner, magnified by its history, you see the first edition happened just once in September 1992. Considered to be the toughest mountain running […]

Transvulcania 2017

A new star and a course record on Isla Bonita Transvulcania Ultramarathon never disappoints, since 2012 and the addition to the Skyrunner World Series, the race on the idyllic island of La Palma in the Canaries have gone from strength-to-strength. In 2017, we saw the confirmation of a new star – Ida Nilsson from Sweden […]

Yading Skyrunning Festival

Yading Skyrunning Festival, China The 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series kicked off in China in April with a weekend of high altitude action that harked back to the early and pioneering days of when ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) president Marino Giacometti, picked a peak and ran to its summit and returned as quickly as […]

Marathon des Sables 2017

Marathon des Sables 2017 “Barnes and Elmorabity top the podium in Morocco” 1200 runners arrived in bivouac for a first night in the Sahara. A meal, some admin and an early night. Admin day followed and from the moment they dropped their backs, the 32nd Marathon des Sables experience had really begun. The clothes they […]

Riboflavin: How This B-Vitamin Could Change the Sport of Ultra-Running

Riboflavin: How This B-Vitamin Could Change the Sport of Ultra-Running By: Amy Tribolini, MS, RD, LD You may not be familiar with riboflavin, but it is likely you have heard of or even supplemented with B-vitamins.  B-vitamins have been marketed as “energy enhancement vitamins” and added to sport supplement bars and drinks for years. Riboflavin, […]

Know Your Macros: A Recovery Guide for Endurance Athletes

Know Your Macros: A Recovery Guide for Endurance Athletes  By: Amy Tribolini, MS, RD, LD You’ve done it!  Maybe you finished your long run for the week or your highly anticipated race.  You are feeling proud and accomplished but your body is feeling run down.  No matter how good your fueling strategy during your run […]

Failure… or is it?

Failure… or is it? I have just watched a movie Karl Meltzer on his successful FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the Appalachian Trail. The movies called ‘Made To Be Broken!’ While watching the movie I thought of Karl’s previous failed attempts, the most recent being in 2014. Let’s get one thing straight, the Appalachian Trail is […]

The Coastal Challenge 2017 : Frost and Owens dominate

New Zealand’s Anna Frost and the UK’s Tom Owens dominated Costa Rica’s 13th edition of The Coastal Challenge 2017 – a six-day race that follows the coastline stating in Quepos and culminating at the iconic Drake Bay. The Salomon sponsored duo grabbed the race by the scruff of the neck on day one and neither […]