INDOMITABLE- film by Linda Sanders


LENGTH: 20:48

LOCATIONS: Death Valley


Indomitable- Film by Los Angeles Award Winner Linda sanders

It’s known as the World’s Toughest Foot Race. For over forty years, runners have gathered each July at the foot of the Badwater Basin in Death Valley to undertake the brutal 135-mile trek to the Whitney Portal at the Mt. Whitney summit. Their journey takes them from the lowest elevation in North America, where the average temperature is over 110-degrees, to the wind-swept cold of the highest point in the contiguous United States, traversing three mountain ranges between.

INDOMITABLE, short film awarded documentary, is sets out to immerse viewers in the Badwater experience. Producer/Director Linda Sanders and cinematographers Derrick Lytle and Michael Carson masterfully juxtapose the stark, distant loneliness of the empty desert against the immediate, human drama of competition, in a film that asks not only why we struggle and how we endure, but also what we’ve gained when the race has finished.

The IRun4Ultra team seek to showcase running’s potential as a source of healing, expand and promote the international running community, and raise awareness for ADHD, autism, and depression. Their previous work includes 2017 Indie Film Gathering International Film Festival award winner Desert Around Me: The ADHD Epidemic, and Euphoria Run: Indescribable Adventure, which won awards at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Awards, the 2018 Honolulu Film Awards, the 2018 Mountain Film Festival, and the 2018 Toronto Beaches Film Festival.




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