Javier Dominguez

Well runners, another podcast episode and we surely have a treat for you! Spanish runner Javier Dominguez is a winner of many ultra races.

Well runners, another podcast episode and we surely have a treat for you! Spanish runner Javier Dominguez is a winner of many ultra races. 2017 was a fantastic year for him as he won two incredibly hard races…The TDG and the  Ehunmilak. Actually he wont the  Ehunmilak “Five, six or seven times” as Javi put it himself (to know the exact number, listen to the whole podcast). When Javi shows up for a race, definitely make him an athlete to watch. His athletic abilities and his positive attitude make him a formidable athlete.
 Javi describes himself as a normal guy with a normal childhood ” Tiny child, who likes playing football, being with friends. Nothing more special than that.” He wasn’t always the competitor that he is today, his motivation was spending time with people and sharing experiences. While he might be more competitive today, he still enjoys those things and being active as it makes him feel alive.
Javi didn’t start running till his 30s. “I was getting very old and I thought I could do a marathon”. It was also a way to distract himself from the thesis he was working on at the time. He enjoyed his first experience so much that running became a part of his repetoire. It wasn’t till years later that he attempted Ultras, and loving the outdoors, he found it to be a natural fit. However he did ease into it, starting with 40k and working his way up.
He loves the preparation and commitment required to do ultras. He wouldn’t be able to do it if he didn’t enjoy the process of the race vs being attached to the results.”You need to like what you do. whether you are running a race, reading a book, writing a book or building a house.” This love and desire to enjoy the race also impacts his selection process of the races he participates in. Travel, spending time with friends, going to a new race….all are factors in him creating his “Mini race holidays”.
Javi chooses to focus a lot  on his positive outlook, in racing and in life “You will have up and downs, when you are down you need to think about it going up again.” However this is not a trait he always had, he definitely worked on it. “I think I wasn’t as positive as I was now. Maybe because I have found in this hobby an escape and a hobby that makes me feel alive.”  
Well not many people can turn their hobby into such a successfull career as well. Also his “hobby” got him a sponsorship from Vibram. “I feel very lucky with the sponsorship and my achievements with me hobby.” Javi feels like it was one of the best choices he made  “We are a group of friends and like family”. Plus it also opened new avenues “It opened a lot of gates for me. I could travel to races. They gave me a lot of support, not only with gear, but also races.” The amazing gear if a huge bonus of course. 

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