Big’s Backyard: The Last Man Standing

Big's Backyard: The Last Man Standing

YEAR: 2018     LENGTH: 16:47     LOCATIONS: Canada     LANGUAGES: English

An ostensibly simple race, Big’s Backyard Ultra has been described as one of the most mentally and strategically complex races in the world – contestants run a 4.1 mile loop every hour, day or night, nonstop. The last man or woman standing is crowned the victor…

Big’s Backyard Ultra (2018) is the first in-depth look at this legendary event. Viewers explore the mental challenges of several race competitors, and get a rare peak behind-the-scenes with race director Gary “Laz” Cantrell, of Barkley marathon fame.

The film provides insight into the hopes and desires of runners before the event, and reflections on their experiences when the race finally comes to an end. Viewers become familiar with notable figures such as last year’s winner Guillaume Calmettes, the women’s champion Courtney Dauwalter, and Johan Steene, the unlikely but sensational victor and last man standing.

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