Magda Lewy

Magda Lewy

For our second Podcast episode of 2019, we had the amazing guest Magdalena Lewy Boulet.  Magda is an olympian who has competed in, completed and won many badass races. She killed it at the Western States in 2015 when she won the prestigious race in her very first try at a 100miler  in a time of 19:05:21. In 2018 she won the Marathon Des Sables Stage race….  Impressive to say the least. Magda also has a relationship with marathons winning the San Francisco Marathon in 2002, finished second in the Rotterdam Marathon. Let talk to Magda about her running style, differences between marathons and ultras, and self sufficient races and more.

We went straight into it with her about her her Marathon Des Sables Experience. “It was very, very different from anything I have ever done in my running and racing career” she said “it was a little scary, just committing to it. But super exciting because it was something new.”. MDS got her all fired up about stage racing where she not only the physical prep, but also the mental and logistical aspect of a self supported race. The gorgeous terrain was a pleasant surprise “I don’t think I was prepared for the beauty of the desert. Ioved the sunsets that we saw everyday, the stars we could see every night and the challenge of just running for so many kilometers day after day on sand”. Magda absolutely loved the scary involved and recognizes that the logistical preparation had almost as much to do with her winning as the physical and mental training.
Magda also attributes a fair bit to her attitude insisting that being “relentlessly positive is the key to endurance training”. She also talked about the importance of adaptability in mental and physical aspects is important too. When asked what she learned from the experience she had this to say “The most critical thing was that in the face of adversity, I can stay calm. That is something I continue to seek through endurance racing because I think it is so important in life to have that quality. Because nothing goes always perfectly.”
She also express her appreciation of the support system in her life, her partner, son, trainers, friends etc. She understands that she needs to make compromises in her personal life to train, but being a good role model for her son is of the utmost importance. So she gets creative with her training. “Sometimes I run to commute to work.”
Magda is also very excited that women are making such a strong impact on the sport. While she is a champion runner, running wasn’t the first sport she tried….Magdastarted of as a swimmer. However Magda knew the moment she first ran with a friend that she had found something she absolutely loved ” I remember that first run was where deep in my heart i was like WOW I think I found something I love!” A friendly and social Magda also liked the ability to make friends in the sport.
Over the years Magda has learned a lot and evolved a lot, however one of the biggest lessons was taking it easy as well. The importance of recovery, listening to your body, nutrition and rest is paramount.
Magda talked about many other things that are important to her, what she learned, what she enjoys. 

Listen to the full interview on the IRUN4Ultra’s podcast Here

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