Pau Capell

Pau Capell joined the ultra running scene only five years ago and is already snatching titles of some of the most well known races in the sport. For the third consecutive year, Capell has raced and won the TransGranCanaria- a race with over 750 meters of elevation gain and diverse landscape.

The TransGranCanaria FKT was previously held by Didrik Hermansen with an impressive 13:41:48. However in 2017 Capell surpassed this record with a time of 13:21:03. The following two years he beat his own personal best, coming in just after the 12:42 mark and maintaining the FKT.

This string of victories should come as no surprise to those familiar with the race or with Pau himself. Hailing from the rural countryside of Spain, he has been in contact with these types of terrains his entire life.

Having always been an active child, Pau was introduced to sports via soccer and following a disappointing injury was recommended distance running as a form of rehabilitation. However, running became more than just a form of physical therapy. Pau started to race in marathons, which led to longer and more difficult competitions and ultimately made him the champion he is today.

In addition to his remarkable running career Pau’s enthusiasm for sports and community compelled him to create his business: PrivyLife, a company dedicated to active lifestyles. However unlike most business owners, Pau doesn’t want his company to become too large. If given the option, Pau would love to have everything in balance without sacrificing too much of his work life balance.

When he looks back at his running and entrepreneurial career thus far, he considers the quick rise to success as a combination of hard work, dedication to goals, and most importantly a support system of family and friends. As we sat down with Pau today, he shared an intimate, never before heard story of just how important his supporters are to his running ethos. He shared the story of how his girlfriend Magda secretly put recordings of loved ones giving him encouraging messages. This added immense fuel to his run and now has become something that is always in his playlist.

Join us as we dive into his life and connect with him about running, race philosophy, his support system, and all things ultra running. Enjoy!

Listen to the full interview on the IRUN4Ultra’s podcast Here

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