Pete Kostelnick

Pete Kostelnick

Todays guest on our show is an amazing athlete who breaks records and racks ups miles like a champ…. well because he is one! Ultramarathoner Pete Kostelnick is an endurance runner who has the Guiness Book of World Record of the fastest coast to coast run across San Francisco to NYC in 2016, has beaten and set coarse records at Badwater 135 and most recently completed a 5400 miles run from Alaska to Florida in 97 days….running more than 2 marathons a day! We will talk to him about his running career, training techniques, health and fitness philosophy and more.After having finished his monumental run, Pete chose to celebrate in low key way in Key West with close family and friends. “It wasn’t anything too remarkable. the thing about k2k was…the whole way was a celebration of the run and then when I reached Key West, I was kind of a little sad that it was over” He did refer to it as a perfect end to an incredible journey.Having slept in a different bed every night during the K2K, the adjustment period was easier because of his prior Trans Continental run, having gone through a similar experience when slept in an RV.  “It was kinda weird to wake up and not have to think about where I was going to sleep the next night”.The stroller that Pete used has also left a big impact on him “Its funny when I see people pushing a stroller and think hey what kinda gear do you have in there…and hardly anyone uses it for gear.” During the run pushing the stroller was his biggest concern ” I was changing my mechanics a little bit to run with the stroller. Swinging one arm and pushing with the other.” Having not trained enough with the 70lbs plus stroller gave him= some achilles issues from time to time. However he attributes his slow pace and eating a lot of food for being able to avoid injury.However getting that nutrition and protein was a big challenge too. “Sometimes there would be several hundred miles between grocery stores” Pete had be be smart and plan his food diligently.When asked what were some of the biggest mental challenges Pete talked about morning being the toughest “You are still stiff, you are still sore from the miles adding up” but once he got started, he felt better after his firsst quarter mile. He also listed a few days of cold rainy Canadian rain as a difficulty “It felt like it took 3 hours to warm up”.Many athletes have a very strict nutrition plan, however Pete eats everything. His only arch nemesis is Gluten sometimes. “During the K2K run I ate oatmeal for breakfast one morning and that day was the hardest day I had in the whole K2K run.”Pete also shared some of his most memorable memories, the gear he loves, training technique and future plans. Listen to the full podcast here

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