Road To Auburn


YEAR: 2018     LENGTH: 11:32     LOCATIONS: Squaw Valley, CA     LANGUAGES: English

From Squaw Valley to Auburn, the 100-mile Western States trial race offers a signature California terrain.

The views border on pastoral, with alpines whispering their leaves in the dry heat of canyons, rocky inclines, and billowing wheatgrass.

The landscape radiates a historic energy, and so does the race; Western States is the world’s oldest 100 mile trail race, and much has occurred throughout its lifetime. This documentary explores some of these historical underpinnings, and introduces viewers to key figures in the Western States community, including legendary pioneering runner Gordy Ainsleigh, and the Coconino Cowboys’ Jim Walmsley, record-breaking victor of the 2018 event.

The documentary is the latest production of IRun4Ultra, an ultra running publication and global leader in running-related media helmed by Linda Sanders.