Toughest Footrace on Earth begins: Team I Run 4 Ultra are there

The racers for the Marathon Des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth, have arrived at their camp in the Sahara desert. The race starts at 9.00 am (GMT) on Sunday the 10 the April. Six marathons in six days across the most hostile wilderness on earth.
Harvey Sweetland Lewis (USA) winner of Bad Water and Jason Schlarb, multi ultra winner, (USA) have come together with three other top international athletes, Marco Olmo (Italy), Carlos Sa (Portugal) and Ricardo Mejia Hernandez (Mexico), to contend for the team crown as team I Run 4 Ultra.
Traditionally the men’s and team race has been dominated by Moroccan contestants, but team I Run 4 Ultra

Hope will be challenging that!

The race is designed to test the mettle of the toughest and fittest. It is six marathons in six days, and the middle one is double marathon distance at 60 miles plus. The terrain is extreme with towering sand dunes, blinding dried lake flats and burning sands. The temperature will average in the high 40s and reach over 50 degrees during the race.
Team, I Run 4 Ultra has been brought together by USA Ultra Runner and founder of Hope So Bright,
Linda Sanders, to create awareness of the plight of children suffering from ADHD through her
organization, Hope So Bright. A staggering one in ten children in the USA is diagnosed with the condition and seven billion dollars a year is spent on drugs.
Schlarb speaks for the whole team when he says of his participation in the Marathon des Sables for
Team, I Run 4 Ultra, “I am proud to represent Hope So Bright at the Marathon Des Sables race.  Helping
children are certainly one of the most important things anyone can do in life and I am honored, inspired
and humbled to represent Hope So Bright and their amazing cause.”
Good Luck Team I Run 4 Ultra! We are rooting for you!

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