As any elite athlete knows, the best antidote for pain is passion. We are IRun4Ultra, and we share the passion of the ultra-running community daily through a comprehensive multimedia approach that seeks to capture every drop of sweat, every flexed quadriceps, every trial and triumph, mile after mile.

Travelling the world, we produce award-winning documentaries, on-scene race coverage, articles, interviews, podcasts and social media that brings the running world to your chosen screen.

From the scorching Death Valley deserts of Badwater to the rain-soaked Tennessee mountains of Barkley, whether the starting line is a trail in Spain or an ancient cave in Turkey, our team is there to serve as the global leader in running-related media.

One thing we don’t seek to replicate, however, is the loneliness of the long distance runner. So, we encourage you to share your own running adventures and local races with us! Follow IRun4Ultra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us your story. After all, one of the greatest attributes of the ultra-running community is its sense of camaraderie — and as such, the IRun4Ultra team is always eager to embrace new running partners.

Our goal is to showcase running’s potential as a source of healing — for the body and the mind. We strive to empower a general audience of both athletes and interested observers, because the runner’s journey is ultimately a metaphor for any passage through life, as we overcome obstacles and grapple with pain that threatens to thwart whatever personal goals we set along the trail run of modern existence.